Buying a stairway to heaven?

Carbon offsets are beneficial in the meantime, however, because they do cut carbon emissions, and the money stimulates development of alternative energy technologies. The bottom line is, despite my deep initial skepticism, I now see how carbon offsets could actually work as advertised, enabling an individual to live a carbon-neutral life, even in the United States. This is a terrific idea. Sign me up!

Nordhaus, W.D., Climate change – Global warming economics, Science, 294 (5545), 1283-1284, 2001.

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  1. garhane:

    It is said that the generals are always ready to fight the last war. One has to wonder whether they ever have a feeling, as they review plans to purchase more weapons of the kind they have been using, that they have been this way before. This non specialist “feels” that it does not make any sense at all to think that the monetary and competitive expression of current commercial society has the remotest possibility if dealing usefully with global warming. I wonder is this is what the great scientist was pondering when he made his remark about the fallacy of dealing with any large problem within the operations that produced it. If emissions :”trading” is all that the powers that be can come up with, then the fact is they have set their faces against coming to any understanding at all of the problem. It is not a good sign

  2. mankoff:

    An Inconvenient Truth has just announced that it will buy carbon credits in order to become The First Carbon-neutral Documentary

  3. Gar Lipow:

    152: Oy.

  4. Michael Jankowski:

    FWIW, scathing article about BP and Shell, in response to previous statements about BP.,,1796036,00.html

  5. pat neuman:

    Surprising to me, there was minimal discussion on biofuels at this important
    meeting last evening in St. Paul, MN on global warming, My summary follows.

    Summary of pubic meeting at Hamline University in St. Paul, June 21, 2006

    Looking for Leadership – A Global Warming Colloquium

    In his 10 minute presentation last evening St. Paul MN Mayor Chris
    Coleman told the audience of a couple hundred about a statement which
    he remembered from years ago that was made to elected officials: “You
    have a duty to know more because you were elected to represent us.”

    Others on the panel of speakers included: polar explorer and educator Mr.
    Will Steger, Xcel Energy CEO and President of Xcel Cynthia Lesher,
    Fresh Energy Science Policy Director J Drake Hamilton.

    Coleman said he signed the Mayor’s Global Climate Change Agreement in
    Feb. 2006.

    Steger talked about his efforts in using the Internet for public
    education about global warming for K-12 students.

    Lesher said Xcel Energy believes that global warming is clearly
    taking place and that Xcel has been a leader on conservation efforts in the
    power industry by offering incentives and rebates to consumers who
    conserve energy.

    Hamilton spoke out on the importance of not building new coal plants
    unless the technology to produce power with zero CO2 emissions

    The non-profit “Fresh Energy” group, which used to be called ME3, has
    a new website address:

  6. Resveratrol:


    Judge Posner has once again utilized economics as a crutch for stating the obvious, giving his presentation the illusion of scientific rigor by plugging in numbers and then reducing all the considerations one takes into account in engaging in a prevent…

  7. Fokus:


    God I hope FORD does the right thing here. I love my ’02 Mustang GT but I have begun to realize I have to get better fuel mileage and to do that it seems I have to get a lighter car. For me this will be in about 2 years as I have to pay of the F250 fi…