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Weekly Round-up

Filed under: — gavin @ 13 September 2006

A few scattered pieces that may be of interest:

The increasingly-odd behaviour of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists – who recently awarded Michael Crichton a journalism award (because his work apparently has the ‘ring of truth‘ as opposed to actually being true), aroused the ire of American Quaternary Association in a commentary in EOS.

Reason Magazine has a Roundtable discussing responses to global warming from their particular perspective. The second essay (by D. Boudreaux) has the remarkable subtitle “Why ignoring climate change isn’t a sign of scientific illiteracy or of ideologically induced stupidity”. His point appears to be that the science of climate change doesn’t specifically imply any particular actions in response (which is true – what action to take, if any, is a political, ethical and economic decision). However his conclusion that ignoring climate change is sensible postition to take is indeed pretty dim. Ignorance is never the answer.

And on a lighter note, the Union of Concerned Scientists has a cartoon competition.

52 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

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    Larry Jefferson says:

    Hey did you hear about the new movie Sweet Land? It’s the first independent “carbon neutral” movie ever made. And it’s supposed to be good too

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    Hank Roberts says:
    Experts are eyeing whether the size of moist-air masses off of Africa is key in the formation of hurricanes. — from a NASA press release; I haven’t seen anything else. New tech (weather balloons). Worth a read.