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Un aggiornamento dell’indice globale dei ghiacciai

Filed under: — group @ 31 January 2009 - (Español) (English)

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Warm reception to Antarctic warming story

Filed under: — gavin @ 27 January 2009 - (Español) (English)

What determines how much coverage a climate study gets?

It probably goes without saying that it isn’t strongly related to the quality of the actual science, nor to the clarity of the writing. Appearing in one of the top journals does help (Nature, Science, PNAS and occasionally GRL), though that in itself is no guarantee. Instead, it most often depends on the ‘news’ value of the bottom line. Journalists and editors like stories that surprise, that give something ‘new’ to the subject and are therefore likely to be interesting enough to readers to make them read past the headline. It particularly helps if a new study runs counter to some generally perceived notion (whether that is rooted in fact or not). In such cases, the ‘news peg’ is clear.

And so it was for the Steig et al “Antarctic warming” study that appeared last week. Mainstream media coverage was widespread and generally did a good job of covering the essentials. The most prevalent peg was the fact that the study appeared to reverse the “Antarctic cooling” meme that has been a staple of disinformation efforts for a while now.

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Il mare raggiungerà “I livelli dell’ultima era glaciale”

Filed under: — stefan @ 26 January 2009 - (Chinese (simplified)) (English)

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Reindeer herding, indigenous people and climate change

Filed under: — rasmus @ 24 January 2009 - (Español) (English)

Lavo The Sámi are keenly aware about climate change, and are thus concerned about their future. Hence, the existence of the International Polar Year (IPY) project called EALÁT involving scientists, Sámi from Norway/Sweden/Finland, as well as Nenets from Russia. The indigenous people in the Arctic are closely tuned to the weather and the climate. I was told that the Sámi have about 300 words for snow, each with a very precise meaning.

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Lo stato dell’Antartide: più caldo o più freddo?

Filed under: — eric @ 21 January 2009 - (English)

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