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Webcasts from the conference have been posted on the WMO WCC-3 web site. In addition to the science, a number of speakers discussed politics. There is also a new book – Climate Senses – that has recently been published for the WCC-3, dealing with climate predictions and information for decision making

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  1. John P. Reisman (OSS Foundation):

    #200 John (Burgy) Burgeson

    This post is in part a reiteration and response.

    I think you have raised the the essential point to which I was referring. By inferring it is more mature to be civil and others are being childish and mean by not being civil then you are essentially inferring that you are more mature by being civil. At least that is how I read the inference.

    The reality is there are many ways this argument can be won and being civil is one of them. Remember when Jesus turned over the tables in the temple. Do you think he would not have turned over the tables had he read Stephen Carters book?

    My point is it is good to be civil, generally speaking, but that which may be considered uncivil in certain circumstances may also be beneficial, even though it was not as uncivil as other arguments based on involved perspectives. There are degrees which we are dealing with in this debate and sometimes, once in awhile, a very direct retort (to what may be or perceived to be an uncivil question or perspective) may be in order to achieve a desired effect of communication be it for the recipient of the response, or the third party reader, to understand the succinct nature and well reasoned basis of the point being made.

    In other words, I think we also need to be aware of the complex nature of what gets the point across in varied circumstances as well as what is an appropriate response (though that is also a matter of interpretation).

    I apologize if I read your post incorrectly but I do think that there are many ways that can be effective, though some may seem more uncivil than others. I have been successful with direct confrontation of issues that some might consider sensitive, and i have been successful with more civil presentation. There is more than one way to skin a cat apparently.