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Filed under: — mike @ 20 June 2011

7 Responses to “Kemp_sealevel_2011”

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    Jason says:

    Initial reaction: wow sea level is skyrocketing.
    Upon further analysis: 500 years for 1 metre of sea level rise.
    Final note: Manbearpig not real.

  2. 2
    Michael Moore says:

    How do you guys live with yourself selling BS. Do all you guys work for the government and need more taxes. Any archaeological well read Knows sea level was higher in ancient times. The little ice age (sun went to sleep) froze the world dropping sea level from 1350 to 1856. We are just now warming up a little again.
    How come you wise one do not know this. There are no Indian remains in most of the FL Keys BECAUSE most of it was under water 2000 years ago.

  3. 3
    sidd says:

    Is this a hack or a screwup ?

  4. 4
    Dan says:

    re: 2.
    The idea that somehow you know something that literally thousands of peer-reviewed (you know, the way science has been conducted for centuries) climate scientists do not is the absolute height of ignorance and scientific arrogance. Hint: You might want to actually read about the Little Ice Age instead of lazily regurgitate what someone told you and what you want to believe. And you might also want to read the peer-reviewed science regarding climate forcings in pre-industrial ages versus now. And that warming in recent decades can only be explained with the additional forcings of manmade greenhouse gases. Sheesh.

  5. 5

    Uh, Michael–just a tip for your writing, but there’s this neat thing called a “question mark”. It functions as a courtesy to your readers, emphasizing that a question has been asked. All the cool kids are using it.

    For instance, “Have you heard of it?”

    (Oh, and not: “Have you Heard of it?”)

  6. 6
    Mal Adapted says:

    I’m calling poe on both Jason and Michael Moore. Jason’s got nothing but “Al Gore is fat”, and Michael Moore’s Gish Gallop of zombie AGW-denial memes is a perfect stereotype. They’ve both got to be flying false flags 8^D!

  7. 7
    Gary says:

    It’s funny how a climate discussion triggers angry righties. They just crawl out from under their rocks and start ranting.

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