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Unforced Variations: Sep 2011

Filed under: — group @ 1 September 2011

This month’s open thread…

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    J Bowers says:

    Re. 350 Pete Dunkelberg

    And Monckton pipes in with accusations of criminal fraud, encouraging Watts to take his material to the cops. Of course, they could do the actual experiment themselves, it’s not as if Watts didn’t get the equipment required. But he just takes some photos of his version of the setup and declines Monckton’s suggestion. Hmmm, I wonder why. Delingpole accuses fraud now, as well.

  2. 352
    J Bowers says:

    Here’s a child doing the CO2 experiment.

    Linda’s first CO2 experiment

    She seems far more scientifically curious and capable than Anthony Watts and Monckton of Brenchley.