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Screenings – America template

Filed under: — raypierre @ 8 April 2013

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    rick wice says:

    send thin ice download instructions

    [Response: If you just want to view the streaming video during Earth Week, you don’t need to do anything in advance. If you want to arrange a download for a larger screening, or have more flexibility as to the date, you need to go to the “launch” subtopic of the Thin Ice web site (linked in the post), then send email as per the instructions given towards the bottom of that page. The Thin Ice team will then send you the information you need for the download. –raypierre]

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    Jeremy Field says:

    Looking forward….

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    Mike Erskine says:


    I was curious to get a copy of the film for viewing, amongst associates with whom I know would find this of value.


    Mike Erskine

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    Hi there

    On behalf of U3A Wellington City , I would like to request permission and authorisation to download and play your movie “On Thin Ice” for our members.

    We typically have 200 -300 people attending.

    Ideally we would also have a qualified accompanying presenter person, hopefully from VUW ( Victoria University of Wellington ).

    We would be happy to discuss any recommendations or options you may have in this respect.


    Bruce Medcalf
    Program Convener

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