Rutherford et al 2005 highlights

A remarkably close similarity is observed (Figure 3) between the RegEM and Mann et al. (1998) NH annual mean surface temperature reconstructions. The two reconstructions are indistinguishable well within their 2-sigma uncertainties. The RegEM NH reconstruction using all available individual proxy records (rather than replacing spatially dense tree-ring networks with their leading principal components as in the MBH98 Multiproxy/PC network) again yields nearly indistinguishable estimates (Figure 2). The close reproducibility of the MBH98 reconstruction based on both (a) the use of an independent CFR method and (b) the use of the individual proxies used by MBH98 rather than the Multiproxy/PC representation used by MBH98, discredits the arguments put forth by McIntyre and McKitrick (2003) in support of their putative correction to the MBH98 reconstruction.

Figure 1. From Fig. 2, Rutherford et al (2005). Comparisons of stepwise non-hybrid and hybrid-20 reconstructions for annual mean using the multiproxy/PC network and the hybrid-20 reconstruction using the full multiproxy network. Also shown is the instrumental record consisting of the few available data from 1750-1856 (Mann, 2002a) and the Jones et al. (1999) data for 1856-2000.

Figure 2. From Fig. 3, Rutherford et al (2005). Comparison between the RegEM-based hybrid-20 annual mean reconstruction (using the Mann et al. multiproxy/PC network) and Mann et al. (1998) showing overlapping uncertainties in both estimates. Instrumental record is shown for comparison (see Figure 1 for details).

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