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Alexander Solzhenitsyn feeds the darkest temptation Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, August 08 2008

Our Earth cools slowly while professor babbles Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, July 30 2008

Column - Seven graphs to end the warming hype Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, July 18 2008 alternatively published as


Denial vs Good Science Part II Barry Brook, BraveNewClimate, July 28 2008

Andrew Bolt: Dumb-arse Pt. XVCIICXI , Nexus 6, July 28 2008

Warm to sceptical science Barry Brook, Herald Sun, July 28 2008

Andrew Bolt: master of climate misrepresentation Michael James, Crikey, 24 July 2008

Rip Van Bolt’s missing months Paul Norton, Larvatur Prodeo, July 28 2008

Bolt from the cherry tree Graham Readfearn, GreenBlog, July 18, 2008