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The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine has promoted a paper on global warming entitled "Environmental effects of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide", which has had a number of incarnations since 1999.

Basic Errors

Figure 1

  • The dating of the Sargasso Sea record is 50 years out, because they misunderstand the use of 'BP' (Before Present) dates in paleo-records, which refers to before 1950 AD, not the present day.
  • The 2006 plotted value is incorrect. Current SST in the Sargasso Sea region is about half a degree above 23 deg C line and while this was included in the original figure, it has been deleted here.

  • RRS state “The average temperature of the Earth has varied within a range of about 3°C during the past 3,000 years”. This is actually derived purely from Figure 1, and show refers the Sargasso Sea temperatures, not any kind of hemispheric or global compilation.
  • The notion of 'rebound' of climate from the Little Ice Age has no support in the climate literature.
  • Humans exhaling CO2 do not contribute to accumulating GHGs.
  • Most of the graphs show amount of fuel burnt, rather than CO2 concentrations, or better still radiative forcing. No direct correlation is expected from hydrocarbon use to climate.
  • "There is [no correlation] between hydrocarbon use and temperature". This is not true. Even between use and temperature there is a correlation, and between radiative forcing and temperature (the more appropriate comparison) the correlation is stronger.

Cherry Picks

  • Only the Sargasso Sea record the only one used in the paper, rather than any of the compilations

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