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'Scientific' publicationsAhmed BoucennaAlan Siddons
Alexander CockburnAndrew BoltAndrew Montford
Anthony WattsAre we just recovering from the Little Ice Age?Arthur Herman
Australian articlesBellamy, DavidBjørn Lomborg
BooksBrendan O'NeilBret Stephens
By IssueC. Essex and R. McKitrickCO2 doesn't lead, it lags
CO2 isn't rising as quickly as projectionsCO2 record is not reliableCameron Stewart
Canadian articlesChaotic systems are not predictableCharles Krauthammer
Chris KennyChris de FreitasChristopher Booker
Christopher MoncktonClaude Allègre
Climate models are not reliable/don't include clouds and/or other feedbacksCyril GalvinDavid C. Archibald
David EvansDavid H. Douglass, John R. Christy, Benjamin D. Pearson, S. Fred SingerDavid H. Douglass and John R. Christy
Debra J. SaundersDenis RancourtDennis Jensen
Don EasterbrookE. G. BeckEconomic Journals
Erika LovleyExposed: The Climate of Fear
Ferenc MiskolcziFrank DevineFred Singer
Freeman DysonG. Gerlich and R. D. TscheuschnerGeorge Will
German articlesGlobal DimmingGlobal temperatures are decreasing
Global warming stopped in 1998Gregg EasterbrookHarold Ambler
House of Lords Economic Affairs Select Committee ReportIPCC has reduced its Sea Level Rise projections
Ian McFaydenIan PlimerImpacts will be beneficial
Instrumental Record is Not ReliableInternet 'News' media
Is the sea level in the Arctic falling?It's all just the sun
Janet AlbrechtsenJeff Jacoby
Jennifer MarohasyJoanne Nova
Joe D’AleoJohn ColemanJohn McLean
John McLean, C. R. de Freitas, and R. M. CarterJohn S TheonJohn Stapleton
Kenneth P. GreenKesten Green and Scott ArmstrongL. F. Khilyuk and G. V. Chilingar
Lavoisier GroupLawrence Solomon
Len WalkerLorne GunterLucy Skywalker
Martin HertzbergMichael Asher
Michael CrichtonMichael DuffyModern changes simply part of natural cycle
Myth:The Medieval Warm Period was warmerMyth: Climate sensitivity is too lowMyth: Warming is due to the Urban Heat Island effect
N. S. Keenlyside, M. Latif1, J. Jungclaus, L. Kornblueh & E. RoecknerNigel LawsonOISM
Observed CO2 rise is naturalOldies but goodiesPatrick Michaels
Paul JohnsonPhil ChapmanPredictions don't match observations
RC WikiRichard LindzenRichard Littlejohn
Robert CarterRobert NovakRoy Spencer
Sea Level Rise projections are exaggeratedStanley Feldman and Vincent MarksSteve Levitt and Stephen Dubner
Steven GoddardTelevisionTemplate for Issues
The Age (Melbourne)The Daily/Sunday Telegraph (UK)The Great Global Warming Swindle
The National/Financial Post (Canada)The Wall Street Journal (US)The Washington Post (US)
The hockey stick is brokenThey predicted global cooling in the 1970s
Tim BallTim BlairTom Harris
UK articlesUS articlesVincent Gray
Warming began too early for it to be anthropogenicWarming doesn't coincide with anthropogenic impactsWater vapor accounts for almost all of the greenhouse effect
Will HapperWilliam GrayWilliam Kininmonth
Zbignew Jaworowski