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Lord Monckton's Rap Sheet Barry Bickmore (continually updated)

Congressional Testimony

Climate Scientists respond (multiple authors) Sep 2010


Monckton, Presentation at Bethel University, Minnesota.


John Abraham, Revised version (20 June 2010)

John Abraham, Original version

Alden Griffiths Presentation on Monckton's 'projections', Sep 2010

Barry Bickmore "Monckton makes it up", Aug 2010

Further discussion

Monckton's response to Abraham is magnificently bonkers George Monbiot, Jul 14 2010

Support John Abraham Hot Topic


Temperature Change and CO2 Change: A Scientific Briefing Christopher Monckton, Science and Public Policy Institute, January 12, 2009


Response to Author Smith's Critique of Christopher Monckton's "Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered" Christopher Monckton, Science and Public Policy Institute, 05 August 2008


Chuck it again, Schmidt! A Response to Gavin Schmidt’s Critique of Monckton’s “Climate Sensitivity reconsidered” Christopher Monckton, Science and Public Policy Institute, July 29, 2008


American Physical Society paper: Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered Physics & Society: July 2008


Rebuttal of “Rebuttal of ‘On global forces of nature driving the Earth’s Climate Science and Public Policy Institute, 19 July 2007


Viscount Monckton's Rebuttal of my Rebuttal Werner Aeschbach-Hertig, Reality Check, 19 October 2008

Climate chaos? Don't believe it, Sunday Telegraph (UK), 5 Nov 2006 also published as The sun is warmer now than for the past 11,400 years

Wrong problem, wrong solution, Sunday Telegraph (UK), 12 Nov 2006