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Bob Carter DeSmogBlog


Emissions trading scheme futile The Courier Mail, September 11, 2008


Spot the recycled denial V – Prof Bob Carter Barry Brook, Brave New Climate, 12 September 2008

R. M. Carter “The Myth of Dangerous Human-Caused Climate Change" [1]


2) The Stern Review: A Dual Critique Part I: The Science Robert M. Carter, C. R. de Freitas, Indur M. Goklany, David Holland & Richard S. Lindzen, World Economics [2], 2007. pdf file


  • Various critiques were published in the next WEM journal issue (subscription required)

There IS a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998 Bob Carter, Telegraph, 09/04/2006


Bob Carter Ph.D. Logical Science

See separate entry for John McLean, C. R. de Freitas, and R. M. Carter, Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature, Journal Of Geophysical Research, 23 July 2009