Unforced Variations: Aug 2011

This month’s open thread. Your starter for 2010, the 2010 State of the Climate report….

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  1. prokaryotes:

    Steve Fish, maybe, maybe not. The difference is that you have a cartoon vs a brand look. I think people wear both, but branded wear, more often. The scope is not to deliver science or conclusions, instead to bring the topic up, to attention. Maybe a later model will contain a cartoon (probably with earth) but for now i think the writing “climate change” is cool. Im not aware of any Tshirt with a branding look which features “climate change”, this is hot :) Get em while you can :)

  2. ccpo:

    It’s “risks”, not “risk”.

    Afraid not. You’d need an article to use the plural. Note the lack of the article and read again.

  3. Steve Fish:

    Prokaryotes, I just thought the cartoon was funny and I think humor is often effective in popular culture. This is not my art but I could redraw the idea in vector format in any style you like. Pro bono. Steve

  4. Marcus:

    Steve Fish: I’d like to have a longer time series to see the hockey stick

  5. prokaryotes:

    Steve, i think that sounds great! Creating this in vector would be a very cool motive and there are 3 big TShirt shop systems to market your own concepts, http://tiny.cc/tdwxz . What climate cartoons concerns i really like this cartoon here from Toles: http://tiny.cc/wsemd

  6. J Bowers:

    @ prokaryotes. Don’t be timid.

    On the front: ‘!!EPA rocks!!’
    On the back: ‘Founded by Republicans’


  7. Steve Fish:

    Marcus. It is unfortunate that this proxy has run out of dynamic range. Steve

  8. Septic Matthew:

    450, ccpo: You’d need an article to use the plural.

    That’s a good note on which to end the month.

  9. john byatt:


    Curry’s latest, she argues that comments on her blog should have as much weight as the IPCC, see her acknowledgments, after “conclusion”

    at skeptical science

  10. prokaryotes:

    The Inquisition of Climate Science: A Scientist Exposes the Business of Denial http://thinkprogress.org/romm/2011/08/29/306517/the-inquisition-of-climate-science-2/

  11. ccpo:

    @456 450, ccpo: You’d need an article to use the plural.

    That’s a good note on which to end the month.

    Comment by Septic Matthew

    Assuming you now understand what I wrote, I’ll agree! But more fun with ice coming in the next few weeks. Think I may update tonight.

  12. prokaryotes:

    Btw this is the place to upload public domain vector art or cartoons :)


  13. john byatt:

    As we in Australia approach the carbon price in a few weeks time, the far right and the Murdoch press are going ape, with The Australian accusing the prime minister of fraud, latter retracted but still not over yet.

    hopefully we get the carbon price legislation passed by the 14th Sept.

    We also have the nutter shock jocks calling for her head, “dump her in the ocean” not pretty here at the moment

  14. J Bowers:

    US eco-activist Tim DeChristopher speaks out from prison

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  15. flxible:

    For a little more positive political news, the Govt of British Columbia seems to be getting it right > Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

  16. Adam R.:

    A startling graph from Climate Abyss,
    the blog of Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, the Texas State Climatologist:


  17. Doug Bostrom:

    Adam R. says:
    30 Aug 2011 at 1:25 PM

    A startling graph from Climate Abyss…

    Eye-popping, truly.

    Roger Pielke Sr. weighs in there about dry bulb temperature not taking into account enthalpy including water vapor. Peter Thorne of NCSU adds a comment containing another remarkable insight:

    I would just point out for the record that ‘moist enthalpy’ has been increasing globally for over thirty years. Globally the contributions of the moist and dry static terms over land to total energy changes are approximately equal over this period. There are interesting regional, latitudinal and seasonal changes that cast interesting insights onto observed temperature changes, understandable through Bowen Ratio changes. The energy change is large – enough in terms of gravitational potential energy for a cylinder of air 100m in diameter to lift an SUV 700m / decade or a bicycle to the outer atmosphere – but dwarfed by changes in ocean heat content.

    Thorne suggests a paper to read: Observed changes in surface atmospheric energy over land

  18. Kevin McKinney:


  19. Edward Greisch:

    See George Monbiot on paywalls at

    prokaryotes: I can’t find your email address on your web site.

  20. Hank Roberts:

    So is it just warming? Or is there among the many hundreds of synthetic chemicals being added to the atmosphere something that’s messing with rainfall?

  21. Hunt Janin:

    Correction to the above: It should read:

    If the deniers agree that sea levels are rising, to what do they attribute this rise?

  22. Paul S:

    #464, J Bowers – I don’t buy the guy’s argument. He’s protesting that the harshness of his sentence is politically motivated but it seems to me like the normal course of justice: If you commit any offense and state “I was right to do it, I’m glad I did it and I’d do it again in an instant!” you’re going to get a tougher sentence than if you show regret for your actions. That’s how it works, and why you should be prepared for the consequences of breaking the law through civil disobedience.

  23. Pete Dunkelberg:

    Hansen arrested! It happened this past Monday morning at the Keystone pipeline protest at the White House.

    See Tar Sands Action and Climate Progress as you should every day.

  24. Kevin McKinney:

    Of potential interest to some here–an article on Dr. Amy Seidl’s second book, “Finding Higher Ground: Adaptation In The Age Of Warming.” (Her first, “Early Spring,” made a bit of a splash.)


  25. CM:

    Hunt #471:

    > If the deniers agree that sea levels are rising, to what do they
    > attribute this rise?

    In a recent (Aug 19) exchange at WUWT, one commenter attributed it to

    ocean floor volcanic activity,(lava displacement) human effluent discharge from treatment plants, giant cargo ship water displacement, ships sinking, space debris re-entering, meteorite dust, and lastly… more beach goers as the world population increases.

    It was probably tongue in cheek, but over there it’s hard to tell.