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Unforced Variations: Dec 2013

Filed under: — group @ 1 December 2013

This month’s open thread. It’s coming to the end of the year and that means updates to the annual time series of observations and models relatively soon. Suggestions for what you’d like to see assessed are welcome… or any other climate science related topic.

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    prokaryotes says:

    IPCC reports have extensive reference lists but unfortunately they don’t include direct links to papers. Below are the references in IPCC AR5 WG1 Chapter 3, observations: oceans, with links to abstract pages and full texts where available.

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    Chuck Hughes says:

    Some interesting pictures from Antarctica 100 years ago:

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    Pete Best says:

    Re #344 obviously because it is a lot of nonsense but posted on many a website as FACT citing no references or stating the alleged German scientists credentials. It is very easy on the Internet to pop stuff as fact and easy enough to spot it but on WUWT it was posted as fact to but then of course it would be.

    It all comes down to the same thing – since the first earth summit in 1992 emissions have doubled. Obfuscation, lobbying, listening to the 3% in the media (they don’t know science any more than any other average member of the public) and are determined to put up all arguments on equal and unbiased, and many other ways of delaying action is working just fine would you not say.

    So where are we on our way to limiting emissions to 2C (EU directive mainly as the USA and China don’t say much on this)? Well its obvious really, dig a little and its quite obvious that the assumptions made by the political economists (stern report etc) are somewhat off of the mark and continue to peddle a myth based around the need for growth to continue.

    The reality is 2C is gone and 4C is more likely

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    Nathan says:

    Anyone read this paper yet??

    [Response: I have a few comments on the paper in this National Geographic article. We may comment at further length here during the next few days. -mike]