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Unforced variations: Jan 2020

Filed under: — group @ 1 January 2020

The new open thread on climate science for a new year, and a new decade – perhaps the Soaring Twenties? What precisely will be soaring is yet to be decided though.

Two things will almost certainly go up – CO2 emissions and temperatures:

But maybe also ambition, determination, and changes that will lead to reduced emissions in future? Fingers crossed.

503 Responses to “Unforced variations: Jan 2020”

  1. 501
    Al Bundy says:

    mrkia: Round trip Germany to the North Pole on an airliner. A 3 year old comment said the cost was 2,000 Euros. Very

    AB: human to get joy out of looking at that which looking at is destroying. Shrodingeristic fo sure

  2. 502
    Al Bundy says:

    I’m really amazed at how conservatives like mrkia crow about how liberals are smart enough to solve the problems conservatives bring so we should embrace conservative beliefs.

    Yeah, really. Dig into mrkia’s mind and the above is exactly the core, even though he’s totally in denial of his Attempted Truth. Without Liberals Conservatives die in place.

  3. 503
    Killian says:

    Re #490 Al Bundy
    The prize was established in 1968 by a donation from Sweden’s central bank Sveriges Riksbank to the Nobel Foundation to commemorate the bank’s 300th anniversary.[3][7][8][9] As it is not one of the prizes that Alfred Nobel established in his will in 1895, it is not technically a Nobel Prize.

    It’s not a Nobel Prize. It is not awarded by the Nobel committee.

    However, it is administered and referred to along with the Nobel Prizes by the Nobel Foundation. Laureates are announced with the Nobel Prize laureates, and receive the award at the same ceremony.

    The money was donated to the Nobel Foundation to establish the prize, so they “administer” the prize.

    So totally not associated is quite incorrect. My bad. But it’s not a Nobel, it’s not awarded by the Nobel people, and… there’s a reason for that. (This is the germane point in all this.)