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Jim Bouldin

Filed under: — Jim @ December 6th, 2004

Jim Bouldin is a Research Ecologist in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of California at Davis, holding a BS in Wildlife Management from Ohio State University and a PhD in Plant Science from UCD. His primary research background/interest relates to forest change in response to human activity over the last ~ 200 years, and associated vegetation analysis methods issues, focusing on North America. If he knows anything about climate at all (pretty dubious), it is in the analysis of tree rings as climatic proxies, and the role of forest vegetation in the carbon cycle and larger climate system. He is currently working on diagnosing problems in the detrending step of tree ring analysis, and their solution using different approaches.

Recently, trying to learn the R programming language has considerably intensified a growing tendency toward insanity, and he thinks he will likely soon be spending much more time in the mountains looking at trees and rivers and other neat stuff that needs a good looking over.

There is a bit more detail about his interests and work at his webpage.

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