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The warm beer chart

Filed under: — gavin @ 13 April 2011

Perhaps a way to connect with Joe Sixpack?

Tagline: If we can pay as much attention to the Earth as we do to our beer, we probably wouldn’t need to worry about global warming.

Design by S. Han, loosely based on IPCC (2007), courtesy of the “Artist as Citizen” initiative. (Full size pdf version)

55 Responses to “The warm beer chart”

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    A practical demonstration of Predestination?

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    Russell says:

    As another Calvinist once remarked,

    Malt does more than Milton can
    To justify God’s ways to man.

  3. 53
    Emily says:

    This is awesome! I could this being made into t-shirts and distributing them around campus. Way better than our environmental studies student association club that always makes the same, “I love nature” earth day shirts. I love nature but this is hilarious and will totally get people’s attention and isn’t stereotypical tie dye stuff. Especially college kids who live off PBR but I’m from Kansas City and we drink delicious local beer. Y’all be jealous!!

  4. 54
    Anoneumouse says:

    Yeh all very interesting but it is not a HEN

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    CRS, Dr.P.H. says:

    Folks, please do not stoop to the level of some of the neanderthals who stand in the way of emissions control. The graphic is “cute,” but we don’t need cute….we need to re-visit policy, carefully examine our statements and data presentations, and make DAMN certain that we do not over-reach as in the past (“Snow will be a memory” etc.)

    We are conducting a vast experiment upon the ecosystem, and anyone who thinks carbon dioxide is a benign gas may want to consider why we don’t walk around with dry-cleaners bags over our heads. If you want a poster child, de-emphasize the long-range warming impacts and focus upon the very visible damage that we are doing in coastal ecosystems (see National Geographic’s issue on this:

    Folks won’t be amused when they go to the local Red Lobster restaurant & all that remains on the blackboard are jellyfish!! This will likely happen in 50 years at this rate.