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Unforced variations: Dec 2020

Filed under: — group @ 1 December 2020

This month’s open thread. Topics might include the record breaking hurricane season, odds for the warmest year horse race (and it’s relevance or not), or indeed anything climate science related.

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    nigelj says:

    Killian @290, it’s really obvious something suspicious could be going on with the the last two years sea ice and warming trends, like some sort of systems change or acceleration. I’ve thought it myself for some time now. Hansen wrote a study on it so he clearly thought things might be changing or accelerating, and he clearly saw a suspicious pattern. Why do I need to listen intently to someone who states the obvious?

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    Al Bundy says:

    mrkia: I did not make it up…may be ushering in a new ice age in the northern latitudes…Evidence in 2020 that this ice age has already started includes:…southern TEXAS, may receive up to 18 inches of snow!!!

    AB: Please explain how the slowing of the export of heat from the Caribbean by the AMOC/Gulf Stream system would cause the heating of the Caribbean, o so stable genus…

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    Al Bundy says:

    Well, this genus isn’t so stable. I meant that cool Texas temps isn’t evidence of a reduction of heat transport from the Caribbean. Oops!

    In fact, a warmer Caribbean could loft enough water vapor that a storm could mix in with colder air, causing mega-snow!

    Hmm, mebbe mrkia backed into a logical argument?

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    John Pollack says:

    Mr. Know It All @288 If we’re really headed into a new ice age, it ought to be easy for you to find someplace that had a minimum 54F below normal, or was 17F colder than their previous record minimum for an entire 10-day window – just the opposite of what Norman Wells NWT achieved for a maximum temperature on Dec. 3. I’m still waiting….

    And speaking of snow in south Texas, has there been any measurable snow observed in Brownsville since the 1800s: 1852, 1866, or 1880? Then, there was Feb. 15 1895, when Brownsville got 6″ and Houston 20″. Think those amounts will be exceeded this winter?

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    “Never trust a quote you read on the internet.”
    –Abraham Lincoln