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Update on 2005 temperatures

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Further to our post about whether 2005 will be a year of record warmth, Jim Hansen has put out a brief discussion on the Washington Post report and some of the subsequent discussion. One minor clarification to his statements is that the reporter involved (Juliet Eilperin) did in fact leave messages for the relevant people at GISS (including me) prior to publication, but sometimes people can just be difficult to track down. Oh….and for those who are counting, with the preliminary October data in, 2005 has pulled ahead of 1998 in both the GISS land based met. station index (0.76 to 0.73°C) and the GISS land-ocean index (0.59 to 0.58°C). All previous caveats still apply….

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    Speaking of this warmest year on record, can anyone explain why this winter will be colder than winter of 2004-05? -As explained by NOAA and other met organizations-. Does greater than normal heat radiation accelerate heat lost? Or does it get colder during winter from a historically all time high in temperature fall?