Weekend round-up

A few interesting pieces from around the web relevant to some previous postings:

  • The latest satellite imagery from the Wilkins Ice Sheet (discussed recently) is not looking good. And most curiously the collapse is happening in winter.
  • The Weather Channel “Forecast Earth” team make a valiant attempt to explain the problems and promise for regional climate change projections by 2050. See our post on the general subject from last year).
  • And for those of you following the various sagas of political interference in the communication of climate science, a nice interactive graphic summary, courtesy of UCS.

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  1. Hank Roberts:

    That was referring to the symbolic local area around the pole, not the whole Arctic, described as ‘speculation’ of a ’50-50 chance’ and ‘briefly’ and ‘September’ and got overblown by the press. Looking it up also finds RC’s previous attempts to deflate that particular bit of journalistic excess:

  2. Garry S-J:

    Does anyone have any news on the Wilkins Ice Sheet? I mean, after July 9 this year?