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Do you want to share your views on climate change and reading blogs?

Filed under: — rasmus @ 21 October 2019

A survey is being conducted by researchers of Cambridge University and Wageningen University. They have asked us to post information about it. Please share your views on climate change and reading blogs by filling out this survey. The data will be used to get a better understanding of climate change blog audiences’ views on climate change and their blog reading behavior.

What’s in it for you?

  • You have a chance on winning a $20 gift card of Amazon;
  • You will get a sneak preview of the preliminary results;
  • You will contribute to research on climate change blogs.

Participation is anonymous, and your answers will be handled confidentially. The data is only used for research purposes.

The Cambridge University and Wageningen University team highly value your input. Please fill out the survey by following this link.

Update (22 Dec 2020): The paper describing the results of this survey has now been published (van Eck et al., 2020).


  1. C.W. van Eck, B.C. Mulder, and S. van der Linden, "Echo Chamber Effects in the Climate Change Blogosphere", Environmental Communication, vol. 15, pp. 145-152, 2020.

More than 500 people misunderstand climate change

Filed under: — rasmus @ 16 October 2019

A consensus is usually established when one explanation is more convincing than alternative accounts, convincing the majority. This is also true in science. However, science-based knowledge is also our best description of our world because it is built on testing hypotheses that are independently reexamined by colleagues.

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Forced responses: Oct 2019

Filed under: — group @ 1 October 2019

Bi-monthly open thread on climate solutions. Please try to be civil. Remember, climate science questions can be discussed on the Unforced Variations thread.

Unforced Variations: Oct 2019

Filed under: — group @ 1 October 2019

This month’s open thread. Please try to stick to climate science topics.