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Ten years of Realclimate: By the numbers

Filed under: — group @ 10 December 2014

rc10Start date: 10 December 2004

Number of posts: 914

Number of comments: ~172,000

Number of comments with inline responses: 14,277

Minimum number of total unique page visits, and unique views, respectively: 19 Million, 35 Million

Number of guest posts: 100+

Number of mentions in newspaper sources indexed by LexisNexis: 225

Minimum number of contributors and guest authors: 105

Minimum number of times RealClimate was hacked: 2

Busiest month: December 2009

Busiest day of the week: Monday

Number of times the IPCC and the NIPCC are mentioned, respectively: 357, 5

Minimum number of Science papers arising from a blog post here: 1

Minimum number of RealClimate mentions in Web Of Science references: 14

Minimum number of RealClimate mentions in theses indexed by ProQuest: 33

Posts highest ranked by Google by year:

2004 CO2 in ice cores
2005 Water vapour: feedback or forcing?
2006 Al Gore’s Movie
2007 Swindled!
2008 FAQ on climate models
2009 The CRU Hack
2010 Feedback on cloud feedback
2011 Misdiagnosis of surface temperature feedback
2012 Extremely Hot
2013 The new IPCC climate report
2014 Climate response estimates from Lewis and Curry

All numbers are estimates from latest available data, but no warranty is implied or provided so all use of these numbers is at your own risk.

9 Responses to “Ten years of Realclimate: By the numbers”

  1. 1
    Imback says:

    This blog has been an excellent science resource that I hope continues another ten years. Ten years! That’s like seventy in blog years. Well, happy birthday and many happy returns.

  2. 2
    Russell says:

    A decade may seem a lot , but it’s time to re up– the Climate Wars put the 100 Years War to shame !

  3. 3
    JBL says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. 4
    adelady says:


    I can’t believe it’s ten years.

  5. 5
    Sou says:

    Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to everyone at The world is a much, much better place because of you.

  6. 6
    prokaryotes says:

    Wow for 914 post, i guess i skipped some.

  7. 7

    Also worth recalling today:
    * Nature’s long good-luck editorial “Welcome climate bloggers” endorsing RealClimate in December 2004. The thumbnail summary said: “A group of just nine climate scientists is trying to change the media coverage of their discipline. Thanks to an ongoing revolution in electronic news, they might just succeed.”
    * The RC post “The False Objectivity of ‘Balance'” in 2005. Excerpt: “While giving equal coverage to two opposing sides may seem appropriate in political discourse, it is manifestly inappropriate in discussions of science, where objective truths exist.”

  8. 8
    sidd says:

    “Minimum number of times RealClimate was hacked: 2”

    The very first server i stood up on open internet was hacked within two weeks. In 1994.

    So a couple over a decade, not so bad. And you guys recovered very smoothly too.


  9. 9
    David Kirtley says:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday! And thanks for providing so much information over the years.