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Unforced variations: Oct 2011

Filed under: — gavin @ 1 October 2011

Open thread for October…

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    Meow says:

    @397: That can’t be right: it looks like a hockey stick.

  2. 402
    ldavidcooke says:


    Hey Wayne,

    Have you considered running the experiment with diluted carbonated water. Certainly would seem to be a more valid model…

    Dave Cooke

  3. 403

    John, Medical thermometers are very good Maximum therms within a very narrow range, water and sugar /water must be at room temperature. 200 ml solution Temperature after 20 seconds microwave should increase by about 16 C, smack within the range of a medical thermometer. Highly recommend a Geratherm Mercury free Fever thermometer, with resolution as best as I ever seen on the free market.
    Both solutions must be at room temperature, you can use a cheaper alcohol thermometer to check it out, ideal starting temperature 23 degrees C. Purify water with Brita or other activated charcoal filter.

    For exact volume, I suggest a large turkey baster. Let me know if it works. Will rewrite the recipe for any modestly equipped kitchen with your input.

  4. 404
    john byatt says:

    #402 David,

    you have missed the point completely.

    What do you believe that Wayne is showing by this experiment?

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    Snapple says:

    The Russian Academy of Sciences is having a conference in November titled “Problems of Adaptation to Climate Change.”

    They are going to broadcast the conference on-line.

    Maybe you could give your impressions of this event.

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    Snapple says:

    Here is where the Russians describe the focus of the conference.

    They want to adapt/mitigate, and they mention reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses; but they don’t discuss moving away from fossil fuels. They mention that there may be “benefits” to climate change. They also are considering geoengineering. The Russians already do some geoengineering so it won’t snow so much in Moscow.

  8. 408
    ldavidcooke says:

    Re: 404

    That the addition of a carbon based compound in a H2O solution demonstrates a warming differential when compared to distilled water. At issue, IMHO, a change in density of the solution adds an un-necessary degree of freedom.

    By initally contrasting the experiment with a non-carbon solution of similar density there is a opportunity to ID the differences due to density, (providing you have a hygrometer). In the absence of a hygrometer and in an effort to perform the experiment removing a portion of the difference in density, (changing the error to an issue of boyancy), attempt the same experiment with carbonated water.

    Dave Cooke

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    Snapple says:

    If the Russians think that nuclear winter is a KGB hoax, as a 2011 FBI white paper’s cited source “Comrade J” alleges, then why do the leaders of this Russian conference on climate change seem to be considering geoengineering (“climate stabilization using new technologies”) to cool the planet? The Russians are considering putting aerosols in the atmosphere in order to reflect the sun. Evidently, the Russians are considering creating a “controlled” nuclear winter.

    They don’t say one word about developing renewable energy.

    Of course, a couple of years ago, President Medvedev said that global warming was a trick.,8599,2008081,00.html?hpt=T2