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Nenana Ice Classic 2018

Filed under: — gavin @ 1 May 2018

Another year, another ice out date. As in previous years, here’s an update of the Nenana Ice Classic time series (raw date, and then with a small adjustment for the calendrical variations in ‘spring’). One time series doesn’t prove much, but this is of course part of a much larger archive of phenomenological climate-related data that I’ve talked about before.

This year the ice on the Tanana River went out on May 1st, oddly enough the same date as last year, after another very warm (but quite snowy) Alaskan winter.

My shadow bet on whether any climate contrarian site will mention this dataset remains in play (none have since 2013 which was an record late year). [Update: It was mentioned on WUWT!]

14 Responses to “Nenana Ice Classic 2018”

  1. 1
    Russell says:

    Adding a day to the post-Equinox count would send the Nenana break-up back in the Trumpian era of Klondike real estate management.

    As with dog sledding in Alaska, it would be a tragedy to allow mere climate politics to distract us from the Maryland Hunt Cup

  2. 2
    Dan DaSilva says:

    It is on wattsupwiththat my second favorite climate site. My favorite is the not so contrarian site called realclimate.

  3. 3
    Tokodave says:

    Heat melts ice. Who could have predicted that?

  4. 4
    Sue Compton says:

    “My shadow bet on whether any climate contrarian site will mention this dataset remains in play (none have since 2013 which was an record late year).”

    From what I gather from all that has written about the psychological end of physics denial, is that these little stabs are only going to polarise more.

    At some point a dozen factions of our species migrated away to eventually create huge, extremely loosely connected tribes. The issue of not be willing to address the implications of abrupt climate change is overt and too systemic to even be worth addressing. It’s game over. Thinking we can put humankind in therapy over this, is ridiculous.

    Only a concerted effort, many years ago, could have maybe successfully addressed this issue. We have no more than 20 years left before the records can’t be presented in a way that clearly shows the exponential crux of what we are dealing with, by which time people will get why moving to New Zealand isn’t going to save them. People forget Saruman and his army of Orcs rule those lands and that they too are subject to greenhouse forcings that no deus ex machina escape from peril will provide a lasting safe haven, unless Nabiru is habitable and its space taxi service can ferry 7 billion people to greener pastures..

    Maybe Tom Delonge has some upbeat news to share with us soon, but I’m not holding my breath..

    Best of bests,


  5. 5
    Armando says:

    Do I see a pause from 1988 on?

  6. 6
    Steven Emmerson says:

    “[Update: It was mentioned on WUWT!]”

    Indeed! How dare you draw a linear regression line through data points! Who do you think you are? A scientist? ;-)

  7. 7
    David Beach says:

    Re: No 4. It’s alright, Sue, the defeat of Saruman and his orcs has been fully documented in the Lord of the Rings saga.
    Moreover, New Zealand and Patagonia share the same latitude range and are washed by the Southern Ocean, which keeps the southern-most parts fairly cool. The slow-but-sure glacial melts of Antarctica seem set to keep that ocean at lower temperatures than those of the Arctic Ocean.
    Succour from global heating will be available in these southern regions.
    New Zealand, at least, has a friendly immigration policy for skilled people of any nationality, and our population density is amongst the lowest. Submit your Visa application now!

  8. 8
    Russell says:

    To distract readers from inconvenient developments in Nenana and Iditarod, WUWT may have to switch from “Look, a Squirrell !” , to Look– a hegehog sharknado !”

  9. 9
    Digby Scorgie says:

    David beach @7

    Please don’t promote New Zealand as a destination for climate refugees. We have enough problems as it is.

  10. 10
    Digby Scorgie says:

    Oops, sorry, it should be “Beach”!

  11. 11
    Mr. Know It All says:

    New Zealand? Patagonia? Fuggedaboudit!

    The place to be is the Tibetan Plateau, currently under close scrutiny with respect to CC. As best as I recall from the CC physics, much of it is pretty close to the elevation above which added CO2 does not produce more warming. It’s going to be a paradise!

    Beat the rush while prices are cheap! Get out your down clothes, your yak dung stove and move to the Tibetan Plateau:

    Passive solar hut and some solar panels and you’ll be set!

  12. 12
    Russell says:

    But Mr. Know It All. the cold plateau is the last refuge of many poster child Ice Age survivors.
    Could life in Lhasa still be worthwhile without the Tibetan dung beetle. Aphoides hoderi ?

  13. 13

    So far, the changes to our climate are slow, as is the one highlighted in this article.

    I would like to see a full blown assessment of the recent article on the ‘ocean conveyor’ slowdown in the North Atlantic, and the disturbing finding that two Antarctic polynyas, one off the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and one off the East, are stratified, and not producing Antarctic Bottom Water.

    In other words: “Abrupt Climate Change” possibilities.

    In Calgary.

  14. 14
    Gordon says:

    Sue #4 LOL, we cant live on Niburu, it is spherical. We would constantly be sliding off.